Barossa Bird Club Service Items

Bird Rings
Budgie - not numbered
Small parrot - numbered
Medium parrot - numbered
Finch - numbered
Plastic - Finch, Canary, Small parrot
Alum Closed - Small & Medium - numbered
Feed and Water Containers
Hoppers - Glass Front - Large and Small
Flagon Type
D Shaped Metal - Small, Medium & Deep Medium
Metal Bowls - 6" Solid - Large, Medium, Small & Extra Small
Pottery Bowls - Small, Medium, Large & Extra Large
Metal Trough - Small & Large
Oval Shaped Water Bowl - Small
Plastic Cage Front Seed / Water Bowl
Nesting Materials
Emu Feathers - Bag
White Feathers - Sterilised Bag
Swamp Grass
Bird Grit
Calcium Grit
Cocky Grit
Grit Blocks - Parrot
Aristapet Wormer 125ml Bottle
Aristapet Wormer 500ml Bottle
Avicycline 50gm Bottle
Insectival Dusting Powder 50gm Bottle
Coopex Insectacide
Scaly Face & Leg Treatment 25ml
Sulphadim 50ml
Red Colour Enhancer 50ml
Solmvite Vitamin Powder
Vita Bloom
Nest Boxes
Extra large Parrot
Large Parrot
Medium Parrot
Small Parrot
Carry Boxes
Small single Door
Small double door
Medium double door
Medium double box
Large double box
Cage Door Fronts
Door Fronts - Small Chrome
Door Fronts - Large Chrome
Cage Fronts - 20" x 13"
Swivel Feeder Door
Plastic Cage
Seed Catcher Small Cage
Metal Nest Box Holder (pair)
Perch Holders - Metal
Mouse Catcher
Roll Metal Strip 1" Wide
Catching Net
Mealworm Box
Wombaroo Insectavore rearing mix 1kg
Small Bird Crumble 500gm & 1kg bags
Breeder Pellets 500gm
Passwell Finch nSoft Food 1kg
Almonds - Bag