Club History

1994: The Club Begins

The inaugural meeting of the "Bird Fanciers of the Northern Districts" was held at the Greenock Tavern on Thursday 25th September 1994.  Notable are those who attended that meeting and are still members of the Barossa Bird Club (Claude Auricht, Keith Hocking, Kevin Leske, Dale Waechter and Robert Waechter).  32 people attended this meeting.

1995: Adoption of Name, Logo and Constitution

"The Barossa Bird Club" was the name chosen for the Club at the general meeting held on 23rd February 1995.  At that meeting the Treasurer reported a credit bank balance of $549.55.  Raffles were already taking place, raising $40.50 at that meeting.

The March meeting of 1995 indicated that seed orders of 77 bags at $1.50 per bag raised $115.50 for the club .  An aviary visit was planned for June 11th of that year.

At the first annual general meeting held on 27th July 1995, the club constitution was adopted.  J Bouts was the winner of the club logo competition with an entry of a red-capped robin.  Incoming Committee were David Chambers (Chairperson), Mark Waechter (Vice Chairperson), Steve Mckenny (Secretary), Robert Waechter (Treasurer), Kevin Leske (Ring Steward and Trading Table), Glen Tscharke, Garnel Launer, Lory Stanley, Neil Zimmerman.

1997: Club Uniforms

Club clothing for members was consitered during 1997.  Bottle green was the preferred colour with a red-capped robin logo emblem.

2014: 20th Anniversary Reflections

Over the 20 years of the Club's existence, a great variety of guest speakers from across the country have shared their knowledge of bird keeping, animal husbandry and general informaiton, all of which has made the meetings interesting and informative.

Aviary visits to other bird clubs and their reciprocal visits to our club have been a great experience in seeing how other bird keepers house and manage their birds as well as the terrific outings and meeting other bird breeders.  Some of the clubs we have had interaction with are: Adelaide, Broken Hill, Clare, Copper Coast, Centre West Coast Victoria, Fleurieu Peninsula, Gawler, Geelong, Limestone Coast, Lower Murray, Mid North, Mildura, Mount Gambier, Port Pirie & Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Sunraysia, Whyalla and Wimmera.

Service items have been available to members at every meeting, our bird sales, seminars etc. and shed sales for the past 20 years by Kevin and Angela Leske, their enthusiasm is truly inspiring.

Bird sales have been conducted annually, beginning in the Greenock Institute, then the Nuriootpa Soldiers' Memorial Hall for a number of years.  This has now evolved into a bird sale and expo held at the Tanunda Show Hall.

Quarterly seed orders for members are conducted and delivered to a pickup point by Magill Grain Store.  This is an appreciated cost saving to our members.

The end of year Christmas functions and the January meeting barbecues have been well-attended social gatherings of members and their families.  Raffles are conducted at most meetings and functions to raise ongoing funds for the club.  All appreciate the hard-working organizers of the raffles.

To create an interest in bird keeping in the future, our club provided aviaries and birds for the Cambrai Area School and the Eudunda/Robertstown Area School.

History of Committee Office Bearers

Presidents  Secretaries Treasurers
1995-1997 David Chambers 1995-2001 Steve McKenny 1995-1998 Robert Waechter
1997-1999 Mark Waechter 2001-2005 Bruno Ruchs 1998/2004 Debbie Hahn
1999-2004 Barry Duffield 2005-2008 Lorrel Boehm 2004-2006 Roena Saegenschnitter
2004-2005 Dale Waechter 2008-2016 Paul Kremmer 2006-2010 Janet Krause
2005-2008 Peter Hahn 2016-2022 AnnMarie Bartholomaeus 2010-2015 Kym Hampel
2008-2010 Paul Leske 2022- Terri McFadyen 2015- Peter Nelson
2010-2012 Rhett Lind    
2012- Paul Kremmer    

 Honour Roll of Life Members

  • Kevin & Angela Leske
  • Peter & Debbie Hahn
  • Lorrel Boehm
  • Barry Duffield
  • Angela Leske
  • Janet Billing
  • Kath Bell
  • Andrew Schultz