Barossa Bird Club Membership

Memberships are currently available for Single ($20) and Family groups ($30) with Juniors being free. The Barossa Bird Club is one of the largest “Bird” clubs in the State.  Memberships are due after the AGM, (the last Thursday in July each year)        

Download Membership Form here

Benefits of Membership

The club arranges quarterly seed & pellet orders. We have service items such as, rings, nets, carry boxes, feed and water bowls, vitamins, nest material, feathers, swamp grass, these are only to mention a few that are on offer at all meetings.

Each year we visit another club for a weekend with our club contributing towards the cost of the coach.

We host other clubs with aviary visits within our area, thus promoting friendship. Many great relationships have developed following an inter club visit.
Knowledge and experiences are shared among members thus contributing toward continuous improvements in regards to our hobby.

Each year a Christmas function is held and partly funded by the club.